Monday, 12 December 2016

Time for Valentines 😊

Yeah... time to start thinking  about next event - Valentines Day!

Already have few images ready (still thinking about card for my man tho), just not sure if all of them will be used for Valentine's cards... hmmm... maybe some on Anniversary cards or Wedding cards...

Here few samples:

Fairytale love :)

Mice :) Hmmm Valentines or Engagement card???

Maybe even nice Birthday card :)

Definitely Valentines card - for cat lover :)

Hmmm... Anniversary card I think... but can be also Birthday card, don't you think?

Already finished one card and sent it away as extra piece to friend, hope she'll like it and use it :)

Simple layout, bit of two-tone lace and cute hedgehogs :)

To be honest with ya I should check if I have enough Christmas cards done :) cause if not I still have bit of time to make few :)

Till next post friends!


  1. Those are all adorable Monika too hard to pick a favorite!!

  2. So cute. Love them all but especially the little orange kitty. Just like our Sophia.

  3. Love your Valentine cards, Monika, but SO hard for me on Christmas Day to wrap my head around starting on Valentines cards!

  4. I have some images done through my time with 30 days coloring challenge Matthew :) So I just need add some papers and embelishements and I'm done with Valentines or anniversary or wedding cards :)