Sunday, 27 May 2018

Monster :)

Hello, hello my crafty Friends!

Wish you all nice Sunday!

Today I want to share with you my DT card for Kinda Cute by Patricia with cute Monster, he's just perfect for boy's cards :)

After consultation with my 6yo boy I coloured image in green and yellow with hint of blue :)

Then decided to use bold yellow cardstock and greeny, leafy patterned paper for this project.

I stamped sentiment on yellow card and for finishing touch I added few opaque blue gems.


See below :)

Hope you like this little project.

Till next post Friends!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Pulled string

Hiya Crafties!

Few days ago one of girls on FB shared very interesting video... about using string/thread/twine and inks to make beautiful flowers like images.

I thought why not try this? Dom will love it.

So we (my son and me) tried 😊. No inks here so we used acrylic paints.

When alone at home I was catch by thought: Maybe I can try the same thing on canvas board? Result? 

So kinda natural seems to be what happens next 😁. Of course I had to try to use this technique to make a card 😁.

Gold mirri card for layering, edges distressed with scissors,  piece of lace and bit of glitter glue here and there and my card was done!

What do you think about this project? 

Till next post friends! 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Curly Piglet with hat

Hiya crafty peeps!

Today I want to share with you funny Birthday card with cute Curly Piglet from Conie Fong Art, just look at him :)

I decided to make this card simple with lots of orange on :)

Result below:

This piglet is delight to colour really - colour scheme for bow and hat is my son's idea :)

I used Prismacolors.

Only extras on this little project is multitone ribbon.

What do you think about it?

Till next post Friends!

Monday, 21 May 2018


Hello Crafties!

Oh bad girl me!!!

I should have this card done 2 days ago...

But when talked to my Mum on Skype that day (I think) I was witness of little phone chat between my parents, my Dad was calling to tell my Mum he's going to hospital cause he broke his leg... eh.. he has operation due today for it...

But enough of hospitals...

For today's card I used cute image from Kinda Cute by Patricia called Knight.

It is very hard to colour knights differently then in silver/grey... 
so I added few extra colours on helmet, sword and shield and decided to use mix of papers in matching colour scheme but all layered on silver mirri card.

Few opaque yellow gems, 'Good luck' sentiment and card is ready.

Hope you like it.

Till next post!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Drawing portrait

Hiya all!

Drawing portrait??? If someone told me year or two ago that I will, I could laugh really hard!


I'm drawing :)

Our latest lesson on course was about it and...

first task: one line drawing...

Dreadful task when you are using charcoal - pencils better with it (confirmed by our teacher).

Next task: free hand live drawing

Trevor even looks ok on this drawing :) Definitely recognizable :)

Next task: draw portrait as showed in step by step instruction - measurements

Didn't look like on instruction, but measurements done good :)

Then Joanne asked me to try the same again but only with charcoal - no initial outlines with pencil

This guy looks younger! Hahahahaha!


We still had 1 hour left, so Joanne said to me and Trevor, to try to draw each other again but this time with using step by step measurement instruction... that was fun :)

And what was Joanne reaction for this drawing?

'Trevor you look younger on this picture!'

Fact, he is :)

No Photoshop needed hihihihihi!

Till next post!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Canvas with dryad

Hiya Crafties!

Today something different... I am preparing myself to rather huge 'task' - final piece for my artsy course.

I decided that charcoal piece will be not enough, I was thinking hard and conclusion was: 'I need acrylic painting even if I don't feel confident with paints'.

Hmmm, but what I paint?

I was: abstract!!! Something in Kandinsky 's style!

My man said: 'Forget about it! I want something nice to put on our wall'.

He wanted full moon and sea, but I didn't want paint another piece looks exactly like stuff in net...

I have idea what I will do, but first I decided to try if techniques I want to use will work together.

For my practising I choose beautiful Cherry Blossom Dryad created by Amanda Byron from Faery Ink.

I painted image with watercolours. 

Prepared canvas with mix of brown, green, blue and white acrylics.

Glued image and pieces of textured papers on the canvas.

Add more acrylics for extra texture.

Then splashed some glitter glue here and there.

Maybe this piece is not perfect, but..


so I will play more with mixed media soon 😊.

That's all for today!

Till next post Friends!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Sunflower Bella

Hello, hello my crafty Friends!

Today I want to share with you my newest DT card for Conie Fong Art with cute Sunflower Bella.
I wanted make her kinda Summer-y.

I thought orange is a Summer for me, so... why not give her orange dress :)

Then I realized - OMG! Do I have any papers with orange colour on???

You should see me!!! 

Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Total PANIC! 

But as you can see below I found some suitable pieces :)

So.. piece of bold orange cardstock, some bold green and 2 patterned papers, little die cut flower, bit of multicolour glitter glue and my card was done :)

What do you think about it?

That's all for today!

Till next post Friends!